At SurgCenter Greater PHX the focus is on Complete Patient Satisfaction (including Financial Satisfaction)

By moving the delivery of surgical services out of the hospital setting to our physician owned Same Day Surgery facility, our surgeons can ensure High Quality surgical care by overseeing every step of the procedure including care by the best nurses, facilities with modern equipment (only ASC in the West with a Mako Robot), one on one patient interaction and Financial Satisfaction.

Surg Center Greater Phoenix

Patient satisfaction means:
Our registered nurses and surgical technicians are handpicked to provide our patients exceptional and preferential care – the best the Valley has to offer.

The surgical equipment is A-1 premium state of the art tools, including our own Stryker Makoplasty Robot (We are the first Stryker Makoplasty Center of Excellence in the USA). Arizona’s most experienced Makoplasty Surgeons call SurgCenter of Greater Phoenix their home facility.

Outpatient Joint Replacement Advantages over traditional delivery of care:

Outpatient Total Knee replacement has advantages. Think no hospital room charges, no exorbitant hospital medication and physical therapy costs. Think Less Overtreatment because there will be fewer blood tests and fewer doctor/nurse encounters. Less testing and less overtreatment avoids unwanted complications from unnecessary medical care. We can not say for sure infections rates are lower when patients avoid hospital stays but we think it to be true: the germs in your home are your friends. They know you, they live with you everyday and they do not often harm you. The germs in the hospital are germs you have never met. They do not know you. They are often nasty germs that are can harm you.

Metro Anesthesia Group of Board Certified M.D.’s administer phenomenal anesthetic care including regional nerve blocks and multimodal pain management strategies specifically titrated to allow our patients to go home walking on their own power with manageable pain following same day joint replacement procedures.

Financial Satisfaction is defined as follows; SurgCenter of Greater Phoenix is committed to ​sensible ​patient satisfaction. SurgCenter of Greater Phoenix is a self-governing entity with patient care and billing guidelines​ determined locally by our surgeons and our administrative team. This allows us some flexibility when special circumstances arise, including financial matters. SurgCenter of GreaterPHX gives you, the patient, direct contact with our decision makers to give you real time answers to your financial questions.  Think high quality care at affordable pricing at SurgCenter of Greater Phoenix. Whether you are paying out of pocket or using health insurance, your direct personal costs are likely to be less at our center when compared to similar hospital based services.

Let us show you how we can make your surgical care encounter extraordinary!